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Neumann U47 fet Studio Microfoon

pict3493_U47fet_Diagonal2Neumann brengt de legendarische U 47 fet Studio Microfoon opnieuw uit. De U 47 fet uit 1972 is nog steeds een van de meest geprezen vintage microfoons aller tijden en is bijna net zo'n collectors item en gewild als zijn buizen voorganger. En nu is het tijd voor de renaissance van de Neumann U47 fet, relaunched als "Collectors Edition" in speciale verpakking met een individueel certificaat.


The Neumann U 47 fet is back!

De U47 is nog maar net gelanceerd en de eerste "side-by-side" testen tussen de oude en de nieuwe U47 zijn online beschikbaar! De algehele conclusie is duidelijk: Er is geen verschil in sound! De discussie is te vinden op het prosoundwebforum.

Enkele quotes:

What company can safely use the word "reissue" for daring to name and shape a new mic after an old, ....... , only Neumann can!
AKG cannot, and Telefunken ... well, thats an entirely different story again.

Once you carefully look at the side-by-side pix-reissue and original - you recognisze that the reissue is INDEED the real thing. ... in every little and big detail, all the way, no shortcuts. Amazing.

I could not tell the difference in sound and character signature between original and reissue,...
The U 47fet reissue has the exact same sound in all its (non-)subtlety as the original.

Hieronder nog het persbericht van Neumann:

-      Reissue of the legendary condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic as Collectors Edition U 47 fet

-      Production according to the original production documents and schematics

-      Wide dynamic range based on fet 80 circuit technology


The 1960s and 1970s are considered to be one of the most innovative periods in the history of music. Many sound concepts of this pioneering time are currently being rediscovered and are regarded as a great enrichment – particularly in the digital audio world. The interplay among studio technologies of different generations forms the basis of unprecedented freedom for new sound experiments.


An icon of that era which was decisive in helping to shape the sound of the 1970s is the Neumann U 47 fet. As the transistorized successor of the U 47, it permitted the processing of very high sound pressure levels for the first time, for instance allowing positioning directly in front of loud amps. Due to this feature, and the capsule sound derived from its famous tube-based predecessor, the U 47 fet contributed to many legendary recordings of the time.


Now the U 47 fet is back! For the new “Collectors Edition U 47 fet”, Neumann has resumed production of this classic mic, according to the original production documents and schematics. The Collectors Edition is supplied with a high-quality wooden case with special packaging, and an individual certificate with the serial number of the microphone.


In terms of technical design, the U 47 fet is a condenser microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and fet 80 circuit technology. Among other things this technology, also used in the U 87, is characterized particularly by a wide dynamic range. The K 47, already employed in the U 47, is a double large-diaphragm capsule with a slight boost in the range above 2 kHz.


If required, a switchable low-cut filter raises the lower cutoff frequency electronically from 40 Hz to 140 Hz, and switchable attenuation can reduce transmission levels by 10 dB. In addition, to prevent overloading of the connected preamp, the output signal can be reduced by 6 dB via a switch on the bottom of the microphone.


Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Neumann.Berlin, explains: “Today many new musical currents are defining themselves through the possibilities of digital production technology. The relaunch of the U 47 fet now provides the opportunity of using epoch-making technologies from different decades side by side. Vintage sound meets the modern world – providing ideal conditions for the realization of new creative soundscapes.”


The list of renowned artists who have created musical masterpieces with the sound of the U 47 fet – including AC/DC, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, and later R.E.M, the Pretenders, a-ha, Dire Straits, Metallica, Michael Bublé and many others – can now grow longer ...


The microphone is available in classic nickel. All information and images can be found at: www.u47fet.neumann.com